Instagram! The land of aspirational lifestyle shots, deliciously (tiny) plates of food and brands that are marketing to a new generation of buyers.

If you strike it right with Instagram, you can build a huge following of brand ambassadors, see engagement and customer satisfaction fly through the roof and hopefully end up with an increase in sales – whatever your industry.

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There are a lot of brands filling up the Instagram feeds of you and your friends right now. Some of them are doing it right, and a lot of them are doing it wrong. We’re going to take a look at some of those who’re hitting it big time with their feeds and why and how you should be aiming to emulate their success.

ASOS (@asos)

ASOS Instagram

ASOS / Instagram

A really great example of knowing your audience is the ASOS Instagram account. They strike a perfect balance between original content, behind-the-scenes sneak peaks and professional ad shots. There is a playful but informative vibe to the captions, even if there are one too many emojis. 

National Geographic (@natgeo)

National Geographic Instagram

National Geographic / Instagram

With over 47 million followers (yes, million) at the time of this post National Geographic are one of the major players on the Instagram field, with few managing to achieve similar success. Their tactic of promoting photographs from contributors all over the globe has garnered them an engaged and loyal fanbase, and rightly so. The account gives in insight into all corners of the globe across all species, adding a little something special to our morning-scroll routine.

Audi (@audi)

Audi Instagram

Audi / Instagram

Another brand that thrives on aspirational images is Audi. The fans are a mixture of supercar followers and those who love the Audi brand. They utilise innovative hashtags, short, snappy captions and even go as far to personify the cars to elicit a stronger emotional reaction from their followers. 

L'Oréal Paris Official (@lorealmakeup)

L'Oréal Instagram

L'Oréal / Instagram

Using a good mix of user-generated and brand-generated content is L'Oréal Paris. They are one of Instagram’s “featured” accounts for inspiration in the business section of the website, so they are doing something right. A mix of products, models and real-life women is striking a chord with their followers, and it’s paying dividends.

OREO (@oreo)

OREO Instagram

OREO / Instagram

“See the world through our OREO Wonderfilled lens” is the bio of the biscuit giant and that’s exactly what they do! No two posts are the same on OREO’s Instagram which is why they are commended for their versatility in promoting their products. Nothing is redundant or repetitive about their posts which is why they get nearly double the engagement of L'Oréal Paris with 600k less followers!

GoPro (@gopro)

GoPro Instagram

GoPro / Instagram

The majority of the content on gopro’s Instagram is user-generated and when you have a customer-base that transcends into a fanbase with is much passion for a product as gopro’s, anything you post is going to be a hit. The main goal of gopro’s account is to inspire the viewers to get out and do something amazing… whilst capturing it with one of their products. And it works! They are currently awarding $5 million annually to gopro content creators over a number of categories which will see a huge increase in the content (and sales) they will see in return.  

NIKELAB (@nikelab)

NikeLab Instagram

NikeLab / Instagram

A feed-style not adopted by many brands, Nike’s innovation branch, NikeLab, uses a 3 photo layout to showcase new products in a triptych while having each post still function as an individual photo. They’ve been using this style since the birth of the account last year and it’s a tactic that has amassed them over 1 million followers and plentiful engagement. 

Hollister Co. (@hollisterco)

Hollister Instagram

Hollister / Instagram

Can anyone else smell that? Yeah… whenever someone mentions Hollister I immediately recall that distinct Hollister smell that is ingrained into every fibre of their physical stores. Their Instagram account evokes a similar reaction from their (very specifically) targeted audience. Aspirational images of beautiful clothes on beautiful young people convince their followers that they will live that sort of life if they buy Hollister clothes. Simple, really.

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And there you have it! 8 of the best brands who’re doing Instagram right, right now. As you can see from the images above, each brand has a specific theme for their feed, whether comical, aspirational or over-the-top, they commit to their target audience and it really works. 

So get started on your brand’s Instagram if you haven’t already! Luckily for you, we’ve recently been approved by Instagram as an authorised user of their API, which means you can pull all of your best Instagram content into Fetch, curate, customise and display it beautifully. To get started, get in touch!

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