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As of April 2017, Instagram boasts over 700 million followers, 100 million of whom signed up to the community in the previous six months alone.

That’s an enormous and rapidly expanding market of product-curious consumers: 70% of Instagrammers have used it to search for a brand. However, due to the current constraints of Instagram’s platform, these potential customers are a little tricky to convert into traffic and sales. The difficulty arises from the fact that right now Instagram only allows one clickable link leading from any profile. That link is situated in your Instagram bio. The only other location where links can be posted is in the comments, and those links aren’t clickable.

Instagram Icon Family

Instagram Icon Family

In practice this means that whilst your Instagram feed could be bursting with valuable user- generated photos of your customers interacting with and loving your products, anyone viewing those posts and wanting to find out more about the products has three rather inconvenient options. The first option is to ask a question via a comment and wait for a reply. The second is to look for a product URL in the comments, copy it, open a web browser and paste the copied URL (this is particularly clunky if you’re using the Instagram app rather than the website). The third option is to click the single link allowed in your bio, but this is probably going to be your homepage - from there the customer has to navigate your full website, trying to track down the product they saw in the original Instagram post.

The solution to this challenge is a Shoppable Instagram Page. This enables you to create a replica of your Instagram profile, which you can then link to from your Instagram bio. With this in place, when a user clicks on your bio link they find themselves seamlessly presented with a feed which is identical to the one they were viewing, but with one crucial difference. Posts on a Shoppable Instagram Page have the ability to link to the products featured in the photo, making it easy for your followers to discover those products by simply clicking on the post they are interested in. Each individual post can be tagged with multiple products, maximising the value of every piece of content and increasing your average order value through upselling.

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Increase conversions through UGC and Qwikbuy

With conversions increasing by as much as 29% when User Generated Content (UGC) is used, and 84% of Millennials saying that their buying decisions are influenced by UGC from strangers, it’s clear why no brand can afford to miss out on leveraging their hard-earned Instagram following to drive traffic and increase sales.

The Fetch platform allows you to easily gain permission from the original content creator where necessary, as well as giving you full control over content curation and visual customisation via an intuitive user interface. Vitally, you can also hone your success and maximise ROI by analysing your best performing content and products, enabling you to continually improve conversions. To try it out for yourself, start a 21 day free trial.

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