Happy 10th Birthday to Twitter! #LoveTwitter

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Believe it or not, Twitter's first tweet was sent 10 years ago today by @jack.


Since then, it's been launched into the internet stratosphere in a way that few in the same industry have achieved. The 140 character platform was adopted and built upon its userbase and revolutionised the way we distribute and share content. 

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Twitter has become a compulsion for many; getting their news and entertainment from one source and allowing them to keep up with flowing events in their fast-paced worlds. It allows users, friends and family to connect quickly and spawns wonderful meme's, made and shared in a matter of seconds.

Most of all, Twitter makes us feel like a global community. Your tweet has the ability to travel to the far corners of the earth and gives us a platform for our voices, even if not everybody listens! But it gives us that chance.

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Twitter is celebrating its tenth birthday by encouraging the hashtag #LoveTwitter and a series of adorable videos looking back at its short-but-robust history. Check one out below:

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