Instagram to Roll Out New Algorithmic Feed

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It's time. It happened to Facebook, and now it's coming for your Instagram. Yes, we're talking about algorithmic feeds.

Facebook rolled out its very own algorithmic timeline a few years ago, favouring posts it thinks you may like over displaying them in chronological order. Now we like this, on Facebook. It works. Even if you do sometimes miss a super cute photo of your friends dog.

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Then, Twitter announced in February that they were following suit after a recent bout of stagnant user-growth. It sparked bit of a fuss and even allowed itself to trend #RIPTwitter in response to the news. We've got the feature turned off here, though Twitter have claimed that few users have opted out of the change and the numbers are somewhere in the "low single digits".

And now Instagram. According to the announcement on Tuesday, users on the app miss out on 70 percent of their feed due to one reason or another.

"To improve your experience, your feed will soon be ordered to show the moments we believe you will care about the most."

Similar terminology was used for all of the networks above when they integrated the changes, but for you and us, you'll be seeing more of the accounts you have a strong Insta-relationship with and less drunken selfies (unless that's your thing!)

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Though the change will generally be adopted well by the general public, brands and marketers are going to have to be even more concerned with putting out engaging content in order to be chosen by the algorithm for display. The organic reach on Facebook page posts took a huge dive when new features were implemented and we hope Instagram isn't going the same way.

No word yet on when the update will be pushing out globally, but we've been told we'll be seeing the new experience "in the coming months."

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