Peculiar Planner: A Free Printable 2017 Planner

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We may be a few weeks into 2017 already, but we've got a handy—free!—printable planner to last you the rest of the year.

Marketers can often find themselves looking at Twitter Trends and wondering "how have I missed 'Eat an Extra Dessert Day'?!"

It's easily done, and there's always a strange celebration going on around the world every day, from Jelly Bean Day on April 22nd to Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day on November 24. 

Fetch Peculiar Planner Mockup

We've put together a quick, easy printable planner or 2017 (Fetch's Peculiar Planner, as we like to call it) to help you keep track of all of the wacky and trivial celebrations throughout the year!

The planner comes in two formats, a simple, text-based portrait planner that you can hang next to your desk, or a landscape version with some beautiful imagery to accompany the month. Which… you can also hang next to your desk. 

The days for the planner come from the super content put together by and the images on the horizontal version are all sourced from the wonderful contributors on Unsplash.

Download your FREE 2017 'Peculiar Planner' from Fetch!

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