Help stop abusive tweets before they enter Fetch by utilising Twitter's updated reporting tool.

"We want everyone on Twitter to feel safe expressing themselves," writes Twitter Engineer Hao Tang in the blog post informing users of the change. None of us are strangers to seeing abuse on Twitter, whether directed at you, a friend or public figure.

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You don't want these tweets affecting your Fetch Feed either! While we offer filtering and curation, you can now help stop these tweets before they reach Fetch.

The update, the ability to add multiple tweets as evidence to a single report, is a welcome addition to the slow and ineffective process in place at the moment; a process that Twitter has fequently come under fire for.

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You should see the changes take effect soon, as the changes roll out across Twitter's iOS and Android apps, as well as We can "expect all users worldwide to get access to the feature in the coming weeks."

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