With the rise of social media marketing in recent years, simply having a social media presence is no longer enough.

Many brands are now posting daily updates on social media and utilizing paid social media advertisements, making the social media market more competitive than ever.

Though paid Facebook ads and sponsored posts on Instagram can increase brand awareness, social media strategy has started to move away from the paid advertising approach. Companies are looking to truly engage and start conversations with their customers, and are utilizing strategies such as user-generated content and social walls to do so.

What is User-Generated Content?

User-generated content (UGC) is any content created by consumers, rather than by the brand itself. For example, every time someone tweets about their experience with a brand or posts a photo of their recent purchase, they've created a piece of user-generated content.

UGC campaigns encourage conversation and increase brand awareness, but do so without coming across as a sales pitch. When done right, UGC allows your customers to do the marketing for you – but how can you use this content to its full potential?

Social Walls – Taking UGC to the Next Level

So you've launched a successful UGC campaign, and customers are posting content with your hashtag on social media. Though you could just leave it at that, social walls take this content to the next level, and are a brilliant way to continue to engage customers past their initial post on social media.

What are social walls? Social walls take the content your customers have created and display it as a live feed, often as a projection on a wall or on a digital display. The content is aggregated and curated from your UGC campaign across multiple social media channels, and displayed as a customised digital feed.


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How Social Walls Work

Social walls are best used when curating content from a specific hashtag or social account, giving customers or attendees a call-to-action to participate. By integrating content from multiple social media channels, customers can see their posts on your social wall whether they tweet, post a photo on Instagram, or check in on Facebook. 

Once the content is created, you can either set up the social wall to be a truly live feed with auto-moderation, or personally curate and select your favorite posts to be shared.

Auto-moderation is as simple as choosing a date or post-type to feature, and allowing posts to come in as a live-stream. Curation is just as simple, and is done with just a click of "accept" or "reject" on submitted content.

From there, you can customise your social wall, choosing from a variety of fonts, colors, and themes to best fit your brand. Whether you're using your social wall at an event, in your retail store, or on your website, your feed can be customised to meet your brand's style. 

Fetch Curation Example

The Benefits of Social Walls

When customers see posts and photos on your social wall, they'll be more likely to share content of their own in the hope of being featured. Not only do social walls encourage participation from current brand ambassadors, but they also get the word out to potential customers when they see a relevant post on social media.

Also, user-generated content works: 85% of consumers find UGC more influential than brand sponsored photos and videos, and 93% of consumers find UGC helpful when making a purchase decision. Similarly, websites that feature user-generated content saw 90% increase in time visitors spent on the site.

Social walls are a great way to encourage continued engagement, increasing brand awareness and social reach even further than the initial hashtag campaign. 

How To Use A Social Wall for Your Brand

Not sure how your brand could use a social wall? We've curated a few ideas to get you started, but the possibilities are endless!


If you're hosting an event for your brand, social walls are a great way to get attendees engaged with your social media channels. By creating a custom hashtag for your event, attendees can share photos and posts with the chance to be featured on your social wall for everyone to see. Social walls bring your event to life on social media, increasing engagement and ROI.

Travel Industry

Similarly, social walls can be used in the travel industry to encourage guests to share photos and posts about their trip. By creating a hashtag and displaying the content on digital screens throughout your hotel or resort, you can encourage guests to share photos and posts on social media. Not only will this content be displayed on your brand's social wall, but it will be shared to their friends and family on social media as well – who knows, maybe someone in their social network will become a future guest!

Website Embed

Social walls aren't just for events or in person experiences, either. Social walls can be used on your brand's website, curating content from your latest UGC campaign. By encouraging customers to use a branded hashtag on social media, you can create a live feed on your website with your customer's latest posts, building trust and increasing conversions.

Social Walls by Fetch

Fetch can help bring your UGC campaigns to life by aggregating, curating, and displaying content as a stunning, customisable feed. Fetch also provides built-in analytics, allowing you to manage and analyse your social campaign in one place.

Interested in using a social wall for your brand? Contact us to learn more about social walls from Fetch, or start a free trial today.

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