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Enrich your emails with dynamic and authentic user-generated content. Increase click-through rates, engagement and conversions with a single line of code.

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How it Works

Boost Click-through Rates

Emails haven’t always had the best reputation. Click-through rates struggle to engage and many consumers hit ‘delete’ before they even open. Luckily UGC is here to save your emails and revistalise your subscribers’ inboxes. Simply select a gallery, choose your layout and grab your line of code. Emails, done.

Implement UGC

Interest Your Subscribers

Social proof has already proved to boost engsgement and conversions on your website, so why not your emails? Present your subscribers with authentic, relevant social content that encourages them to purchase from your brand. Resonating user-generated content inspires purchases.

Platform / Dynamic Emails
Quick Customisation

Create Mini UGC Galleries

Fetch allows you to create a grid of user-generated content from any of your existing galleries. Simply choose your layout and we’ll generate the code for you. Drop it into your email template and you’ll have dynamic UGC for your customers each and every time they open one of your emails.

Platform / Dynamic Emails
Use Cases

Emails In Action

Source content for your emails from all over the internet. Grab Instagram posts from a single hashtag, share your latest Pinterest board or collect a whole host of tweets praising your product. Social media acts as a review engine, utilise it and start seeing an uplift in eCommerce sales.

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