Google+ is a social network that aims to make sharing on the web more like sharing in real life, with designated circles for distributing your brand-generated content.

Getting started with Google+.

The best way to diversify your Fetch Feed is to utilise content from across your different social channels. A mix of user and brand-generated content will better engage people browsing your feed.

Google+ acts as a great platform for sharing your own content in relevant social circles and groups. It makes sure you create refined content that suits your target audience, something that will fit perfectly in your Fetch Feed.

What can we get from Google+?

  What can we get from Google+?

Once you've authorised your Google+ account with Fetch, you are able to source content from any public account that you specify. Make sure you have permission first, though!

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Fetch and Google+ Social Media Integration

The best content.

With the range of channels that we offer, you can grab content from each corner of the web for your social Feed. Twitter, Instagram and Spotify to name a few. The list goes on!

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Meet Google+.

Google+ is Google's take on social networking, and reimagining how we share content online vs. real life. You can select your social circles, and distribute different content within these circles, depending on what they require. It had a dedicated user-base and is great for brand-generated content.

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Google+ and Fetch are the perfect combination to start sourcing brand, employee and user-generated to increase marketing performance and craft your social story.

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We’ve got a whole range of channels for you to connect to with Fetch, everything from Instagram to Spotify, with plenty more on the way!

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