There is no better place to source brand and employee-generated content than LinkedIn, since that's exactly what it was designed for. Integrate with Fetch and start aggregating immediately!

Getting started with LinkedIn.

Professional networking has never been easier thanks to the online wonder of LinkedIn. You can collaborate, chat with professionals from all over the world, publish your latest musings and make new connections while you're at it.

Use Fetch and LinkedIn to share company news from your brand page, celebrate employee achievements or just mix up your user-generated content with brand information you want viewers to know.

Getting started with LinkedIn.

  Getting started with LinkedIn.

Use our LinkedIn integration to start sourcing tailored, brand-generated content from your company page immediately when you sign up for Fetch.

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Fetch and LinkedIn Social Media Integration

The best content.

With the range of channels that we offer, you can grab content from each corner of the web for your social Feed. Twitter, Instagram and Spotify to name a few. The list goes on!

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Meet LinkedIn.

Being the world's largest social network for professionals is no mean feat. Which is why LinkedIn remains the social hub for some of the world's biggest brands, and a networking tool for smaller, local businesses. 

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LinkedIn + Fetch are the perfect combination to start sourcing brand, employee and user-generated to increase marketing performance and craft your social story.

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We’ve got a whole range of channels for you to connect to with Fetch, everything from Instagram to Spotify, with plenty more on the way!

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