Some of the most creative content on the web stems from Pinterest. Everything from DIY, to wedding inspiration and even a tech sector. Connect Pinterest to Fetch and keep on Pinning!

Getting started with Pinterest.

Having Pinterest in your arsenal of social media platforms is a great way to target and engage users that don't necessarily love the other options out there.

Using Fetch, you can inject some of your most creative brand-generated content from Pinterest into your social feed. We know how hard it is to create the best, relevant and eye catching content, so why not show it off in one stunning feed that can be embedded anywhere.

What can we get from Pinterest?

  What can we get from Pinterest?

A tutorial in a single pin? No problem. A recipe on how to bake the best salted caramel brownies ever? No problem. Fetch can pull in an entire Pinterest account, or just a specific board!

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Pinterest Board

Fetch and Pinterest Social Media Integration

The best content.

With the range of channels that we offer, you can grab content from each corner of the web for your social Feed. Twitter, Instagram and Spotify to name a few. The list goes on!

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Meet Pinterest.

For the love of scrapbooking you should totally try Pinterest at least once. It can be whatever you want. A carefully curated stream of beautiful interiors or a mass of ideas and inspiration. We could all use a bit more creativity in our lives, and Pinterest is forcing brands to get creative, too. 

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Meet Fetch.

Pinterest + Fetch are the perfect combination to start sourcing brand, employee and user-generated to increase marketing performance and craft your social story.

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Other Channels

We’ve got a whole range of channels for you to connect to with Fetch, everything from Instagram to Spotify, with plenty more on the way!

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