Connect Fetch to Slack and start increasing employee engagement, advocacy and brand trust immediately. It's never been easier to source employee-generated content.

Getting started with Slack.

Source employee-generated content like never before with Slack and Fetch. Using channels you've already created, you can aggregate, curate and display content from Slack, directly into your Fetch Feed.

Show off your team achievements or causes for celebrations from #announcements on TV screen around the office, or give employees a voice through a hashtag on your website's team page. There's so much you can do with Slack + Fetch, start exploring the possibilites today.

What can we get from Slack?

  What can we get from Slack?

Channels are the lifeblood of Slack, and you can let them be the core of your Fetch Feed too! Pull in content from any Slack channel or hashtag and display it within minutes.

Slack Channel

Slack Hashtag

Fetch and Slack content Integration

The best content.

With the range of channels that we offer, you can grab content from each corner of the web for your social Feed. Twitter, Instagram and Spotify to name a few. The list goes on!

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Meet Slack.

Slack is taking the world by storm as one of the most popular enterprise communication apps, ever. Keeping everything in one place, searchable, and fun! Channels and hashtags make the perfect content filter for importing Slack into Fetch, and you can start right now.

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Meet Fetch.

Slack + Fetch are the perfect combination to start sourcing brand, employee and user-generated to increase marketing performance and craft your social story.

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Other Channels

We’ve got a whole range of channels for you to connect to with Fetch, everything from Instagram to Spotify, with plenty more on the way!

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