Getting started with Twitter.

Nowhere gives its users a platform for their voice to be heard like Twitter, which makes it perfect for sourcing some of the best user-generated content on the web.

Use your Fetch Feed to run a hashtag competition, display tweets of users loving your product or service (we're sure there's plenty) or even just connect your own Twitter account to create a perfect blend of brand and user-generated content! Your Twitter Social wall can be embedded on any website or display (perfect for events!).

What can we get from Twitter?

  What can we get from Twitter?

We currently offer support for tweets from Twitter accounts and Twitter hashtags. That means you can start pulling in the best content from around the world, immediately!

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Fetch + Twitter Social Media Integration

The best content.

With the range of channels that we offer, you can grab content from each corner of the web for your social Feed. Twitter, Instagram and Spotify to name a few. The list goes on!

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Meet Twitter.

Twitter is easily one of the worlds most popular and important social networks. From breaking news to professional trolling, there's a lot that can be said in 140 characters. Use these short snippets of user-generated content to tell your social story with Fetch.

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Meet Fetch.

Twitter + Fetch are the perfect combination to start sourcing brand, employee and user-generated to increase marketing performance and craft your social story.

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Other Channels

We’ve got a whole range of channels for you to connect to with Fetch, everything from Instagram to Spotify, with plenty more on the way!

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