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Instagram is quickly becoming a product discovery tool for consumers. Harness your engagement and create an entire feed of shoppable content for your followers, right in your Instagram bio.

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How it Works

Drive Traffic to Product

Until now, brands on Instagram have been using the platform for brand awareness with the occasional paid ad. Qwikbuy allows you shopify every piece of content you post and shorten that path to purchase for your followers. Just drop a Qwikbuy link in your bio, and you’re good to go.

Follower Clarity

No More Miscommunication

If your brand is frequently sharing inspirational images of your products, the chances are you’re getting comments like “Where can I find this?!” or “How can I book that room?” There’s no need to share product codes or URLs that don’t work in the comments, just direct your followers to your bio link.

Platform / Qwikbuy
Total Control

Assign Products with Library

When using Qwikbuy, it’s ridiculously simple to create shoppable content for your followers. You can assign products to every post your share through our library integration, or link out to a blog post if your content doesn’t feature one of your products. Always driving traffic you otherwise may have lost. 

Platform / Qwikbuy
Use Cases

Qwikbuy in Action

Give your Instagram followers the chance to shop your products with Qwikbuy. Visitors through Qwikbuy are more likely to convert, more likely to return and more likely to recommend your brand to their friends and families. Reduct the path to purchase and start converting Instagram engagement into sales.

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