Using Fetch / Hashtag Campaigns

Hashtag campaigns are the most productive way to create brand awareness and source authentic content to deploy across every marketing touchpoint.

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Let Customers Share Their Stories

Collect content from brand advocates across all of your digital channels using a branded hashtag and use this opportunity to amplify their voices throughout your marketing strategy. 

Encourage customers to share your product and experience after purchase, receive explicit permission to use the content with our rights management tool and assign your own products to drive traffic and conversions on your website.

Unfiltered and Authentic


Product Discovery

By running your own hashtag campaign, you'll encourage participation from anyone who loves your product. That could be from a regular user or powerful influencer. Encouraging sharing through a brandad hashtag means more eyes on your product, more authenticity, and more sales.


Gain Explicit Permission

Using our rights management tool, you can gain explicit permission to use your customers content however you like. Specify your own terms and conditions, require 2-step acceptance or just allow them to reply with a branded hashtag. Create your own message templates in your brands voice to increase acceptance rates and show appreciation to your advocates.


Amplify Your Fans

Once a content has been discovered, gained permission rights and been made shoppable, you have the chance to amplify it across your website, social channels and offline. User-generated content results in 29% higher web conversions, meaning you can create shoppable galleries and enourage consumers to act upon their purchase intent.

ROI from Start to Finish

Fetch will enable you to run your UGC hashtag campaign throughout its lifetime and ensure you can measure ROI from every digital channel you persue.

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