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Don't leave your content on the web. Embrace experiential marketing and create a closer bond between brand and attendee through social proof.

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Amplify Attendee Voices

There’s no denying that conferences, keynotes, gigs and trade shows are already social by nature, but a central hub of social content enhances the experience and adds an additional layer of conversation and interactivity for your attendees, all while reaching further than the 4 walls of your event online.

By leveraging social proof at your event, you can drive ticket sales for next year, land larger sponsors and tighten the bond between brand and attendee.

What Fetch Does


Curate the Best Content

Fetch allows you to pull in posts from your own social media feeds or user-generated content using a #hashtag. Curate content with the highest chance of convincing viewers to take the action you want with our easy-to-use moderation tools.


Increase Brand Engagement

Use a dedicated, branded hashtag to source user-generated content pre, during and post event. Displaying this content throughout your venue will encourage other attendees to post about their experiences, increasing engagement and brand awareness. 


Up Your Attendance

Positive social proof has a resounding effect in all aspects of marketing. People want to hear experiences from their peers. If your event attendee has a fantastic time and shares it on social media, their friends and colleagues are more likely to visit the next event.

Power Your Events Socially

Use our social walls to bring your event to life, aggregate earned and owned content into one stunning display that can be featured on any screen throughout the course of your event.

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