Using Fetch / Marketing Emails

Develop brand loyalty, engage your subscribers and source more user-generated content by including UGC in your marketing & promotional emails.

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Fresh Content Inside Your Inbox

Create email-specific, curated galleries of content inside Fetch and ensure you're delivering on-brand, on-message emails to every one of your customers.

With one line of code, your subscribers will have fresh, user-generated content inside of their inboxes every time they open one of your brand's emails. 

Engage Your Readers

Utilising mini galleries of user-generated content in your emails will capture, retain and engage the attention of your readers; inviting them to discover more and inspiring them to purchase. 


Drop in Anywhere

Within a few clicks, you can create your own dynamic, self-updating galleries of user-generated content, readily available to inject directly into your email templates. Create custom galleries based on product, colour or target audience. 


Social Proof Works

Consumers are far more likely to take recommendations from their peers than faceless corporations. Social media acts as a vehicle for recommendations, reviews, product discovery & ultimately purchase. Help your readers discover your products, through your fans.


Share Real Customer Stories

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A gallery of images sourced directly from your fans speaks volumes about your product, your brand and the kind of company you are. Build trust & credibility by sharing UGC in your marketing emails.

Celebrate Your Customers

The best way to engage your customers with your brand is to celebrate them. Feature your biggest fans throughout your marketing emails to develop brand loyalty.

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